Adult PPC Services

See what PPC can do for your adult business!

Adult SEO Experts Offer Pay Per Click Advertising Services

uitable for any adult business, from small start-ups with big ambitions, to large adult industry leaders. PPC is one of the fastest and most effective ways to market your company; it takes you straight to the top of the search results for your chosen key phrases, and you only pay for the ad when someone clicks through.

Maximum Return

Our team of leading industry experts can manage all aspects of your PPC campaign to ensure the maximize return on investment from your paid advertisements.

Professional Standard

The PPC services at Adult SEO Experts are of the highest professional standard in the industry, and we work with you from the offset; from analysis to click-through and back again.

Detailed Reports

We continuously manage and track your success, providing detailed reports that help you to keep you in the loop as we progress together.

Detailed Analysis Helps Us to Develop a Highly

personalized cutting edge strategy for your PPC campaign, which is based on keyword research, professional advert copywriting, and all manner of PPC optimization.

PPC Features


We work to balance your PPC bids, to provide maximum ROI for your adult business. We ensure your bid is perfectly positioned for maximum impressions, and minimum costs.


Many years of experience in the adult industry have lead to the expertise we have today. Working with our vast database of search terms and keywords, we target only high quality traffic that will lead to profitable conversions, while keeping your bid prices down.


The content of your advert should be attention grabbing, while staying true to the actual information or service contained within. Our expert team of copywriters ensure proficiently constructed adverts that attract valuable customers.


The advantages of our PPC services go beyond paid search engine adverts. We build huge networks of highly related adult sites, which we can use to advertise your services. In turn this attracts highly relevant users to your site. Driving your campaign in this way is highly effective. Your adverts will be targeting users who are already engaged in a similar service, and are therefore already proven to be in your target audience. This increases conversion rates dramatically.